Tibetan Pulsing “Van besluiteloosheid naar meditatie in aktie”

Sessie: Tibetan Pulsing “Van besluiteloosheid naar meditatie in aktie”, door Daya, Abhilasha & Nirmal

From stress to relaxation Tibetan Pulsing is meditative & transformative Bodywork.

The motor of this “work” is the pulse beat of our hearts.

We physically connect specific points in the body, that have direct access to our nervous system.

All our experiences became part of our memory system imprinted electrically in our nervous system
and some of them were so shocking …

So overwhelming, that a lot of negativity is attached around them, forming our personality (“persona” originally means mask), and are still covering our soul .. our true being … unconsciously ruling our lives.

We experience these patterns as fears, beliefs, suffering, anger and pain.

Tibetan Pulsing is using techniques to create a “fire”…

To reconnect these areas techniques to pull out these tensions and harmonize the inner energy flow.

The power of our hearts dissolves the negativity around these structures to free our souls from the limitations and chains, we all are living in.

Deep relaxation is happening.

Time & Space disappears.

The personality dissolves.


Abilasha (assisting)