Star Sapphire with Amar Leela

Star Sapphire with Amar Leela

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· It is an accurate vision of your own male and female sides
· It is a noticing that one of them is dominant, that is, it has more strength than the other one and more capacity to choose how life goes.
· It is an understanding of the conditions under which the second side accidentally became weaker. · It is a clarification of how a balanced quality and mutual respect can be restored between the two
parts of you.

While these are the outcome of Star Sapphire Energywork, they are actually a byproduct of something else, which can be called “presence.” Another name for presence is “awareness” or “essence”
— there are many names for a subtle quality which emanates from the spiritual core of a human being. Both parts of you have the same “presence” but they express it in opposite ways. As our mind does not like contradiction, opposition is sometimes treated as something to be discarded, rather than something to be integrated. Through meditation we learn to accept the natural opposition of our two parts. We learn to appreciate that they have opposite interests. We learn to trust the rhythm in which they come forward, one after the other. It is exactly like breathing—inhaling and exhaling.

Star Sapphire Energywork succeeds because it invites, both in sessions and in groups, a personal experience of increased presence.


Star Sapphire supports the inner essence of a person—which is like a presence, a luminosity, or an awareness of the present moment.

In order to give this support, the therapist first does an energy-reading of the client’s two feet and the seven chakras. This silent reading gives some clues about the health of the essential being and about which attitudes, dreams, or attachments are acting as limitations to further growth.

Usually, but not always, the therapist then invites the client to enter into the two opposite polarities of the body—male and female. A dialogue between them reveals resistances, fears, even a power struggle, for which they are both responsible. The client hears himself saying sentences he may previously have thought belonged to someone else…the wife or the mother, and he changes them through “let-go.” The Star Sapphire process is never a doing, but rather a surrender into love.

Star Sapphire intervenes in three important areas of life: work, relationship, and meditation. Work, when it arises from relaxation, is an expression of creativity. If both the male and female sides are creative, they will be happy together, and their love will be reflected in the outer relationship as well. Meditation is the milieu, the relaxed watchfulness, within which creativity arises. Star Sapphire treats the three areas as an interdependent circle, and repairs any broken link in one area that is causing suffering in the other two.

People who can benefit from this session:

∙ people having difficulty in a relationship ∙ people who want to change their job
∙ people who have no clear direction ∙ people looking for more depth in life ∙ people who need to make a decision
∙ people who think their problem might come from a past life
∙ people who feel generally well, but have an area of dissatisfaction ∙ people who are stuck and don’t know why
∙ people who have done all that can be “done”

TIME REQUIRED for a complete Star Sapphire session:1h30m/2h


Amar Leela was one of the founders and conductors of the Osho Ki6 Meditation Center in Venice Lido for ten years. Now she is involved in the expansion of the Kendra Center in Ravenna. She leads groups and trainings of Osho Neo Reiki, Empathic Communication and Star Sapphire male-female Energywork. She shares qualities of trust and self-acceptance, conveying to people relaxation in the present and ability to flow.